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When you come to Therapy by Michelle, you will benefit from  psychotherapy sessions and counselling that are tailored to your needs. I’m Michelle, a qualified psychodynamic therapist who specialises in integrated therapies. Taking a tailored approach to the counselling sessions, I work with my clients to address their individual situations and concerns, whether it means replacing negative behaviours or developing their personality. For more than 13 years, clients have chosen me for my unique sessions, which are different to any other therapist. Over the course of my career I have gained various certifications from specialist therapy and counselling training courses.
I have also worked in association with ITV. 

Attain Personal Development with a
Psychodynamic Therapist and Kinetic Shift Practitioner.

Reward Yourself with Counselling and Therapy

Many people believe that psychotherapy is only suited to those who are suffering from personal issues, and have very negative connotations about it. Although I do help clients to overcome their own problems, my sessions are also designed to help clients find themselves, achieve personal development, and make a fresh start. A lot of my clients leave every session with a smile, and are both excited and proud when they see the progress that they are making.

Elite clients, clients that have completed their 5 or 6 sessions and can confidently manage their concerns, the door is always open and can return any time at all for an adhoc session or sessions.


As an experienced and qualified counsellor, my therapy services treat an array of issues experienced by many ordinary people that simply need some help. 

Mental Health Issues | Depression | Bereavement Therapy | Relationship Counselling | Anxiety Treatment | Self Harm | Domestic and Sexual Abuse | Stress Management | Kinetic Shift Therapy

Trauma - Including Tragic Road Accidents, Witnessing a Traumatic Event and Counselling for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
Abuse - Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Mental Abuse and Domestic Violence.