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I cannot speak highly enough of Michelle's counselling expertise, empathy, compassion and understanding within her field. She shows an absolute thoroughness and leaves no stone unturned from initial consultation and throughout the therapy sessions.
I only wish I would have sought her help sooner than I actually did, probably the best decision of my life was to book my first counselling session!!! To boot she has a fabulous fun personality which immediately puts you at ease from the off.

Danny in Wrexham

When I was referred to Michelle I didn't know what to expect & was surprised at how quickly I felt at ease & began opening up about what was causing anxiety & stress. Michelle is fantastic at helping me to create clear goals and helping me focus on those as well as identify when I have strayed away from them. As a result after 12 sessions I have a kit of tools to use when I feel myself falling bad in to negative cycles or putting others ahead of my own needs. Michelle & I have laughed, cried, shared thoughts & feelings I have never shared & she has been an immense support during the toughest period in my life. I can't thank you enough Michelle & I would highly recommend Michelle.

Becki in Mold

Michelle is a wonderful counsellor, she is a very good listener who eagerly hears everything you say and is ready to provide you with expertise knowledge to help you through whatever problems you are having. I have finished my 6 week program and am still seeing Michelle to carry on helping me through my issues. Always looking forward to my sessions and the hour always seems to fly by like 15 mins or less!!! So happy I made the decision to book my first session and would recommend Michelle to anyone who is thinking about counselling.

Adrian in Mold, Cheshire

I can't thank Michelle enough for her help and only wish I had spoken to her sooner. She immediately put me at ease to open up about issues I was struggling with and she helped me dig deeper and get to the route of why I was feeling the way I was. She made connections that I would never have put together and has given me the tools to go forward in such a calm, controlled way that for the first time in a long time, I'm positive about my future! She really helped me focus on what was important and has given me such confidence that has empowered me to build on the positives of family life and excel in my career. I'm not the only one who is grateful, everyone close to me has seen a change in me and is thankful! Michelle has been the breathe of fresh air and clarity that I have needed for a long time. Thank you so much Michelle, you have been a game changer x

Karen - Buckley, Flintshire

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